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What is the Solo Series?

Race how you want, when you want, against real racers!

The Summer 10 Barrel Solo Series is three unique low-key high-fun-factor asynchronous race events held over 4 weeks in and around Bend, OR. It includes mountain biking, trail running, and standup paddleboard (SUP) races.

Solo Series enables you to race how you want, when you want, against real racers on real courses for position and awesome prizes and unlockable perks.

Each series features 6 amazing courses. Each course can be run as many times as you'd like during the race time window.

The first time you've completed each course, you'll unlock awesome perks like a $5 pub coupon from 10 Barrel, a 12-oz drip from Thump Coffee, Normatec, sauna & recovery tub sessions at Recharge, go karting at K1 Speed, and much much more.

But wait there's more, every time you complete a course, you add another entry into a weekly raffle with killer prizes K1 Speed, Banana Phone, and other sweet goodies.

All you need is a GPS-enabled device like a Garmin, Wahoo, or smart phone (and a bike for the bike races) and some speed!





The Solo Series will donate a portion of registration fees from each event series to these awesome non-profits. We've chosen these organizations because the help make our trails awesome in Central Oregon, they mentor our kids to become incredible on bikes, skis, and snowboards, and generally make us all better people.